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Mayo: why Kaizer Chiefs players are failing to deliver

According to, Previous Kaizer Chiefs player Patrick Mayo has dispatched a searing assault at his previous club's ebb and flow crew of players by asserting the shirt is demonstrating excessively weighty for certain players. 

Mayo featured for the Glamor Boys in an adorned spell at Naturena from 2003-2007. The previous midfielder imparted his disappointment to various angles he feels aren't right at his previous club. 

According to, Like the current gathering of players' drive, the enrollment strategy at Naturena and the consistent underperformance of experienced players.

"They don't have heart," Mayo tells when asked for his thoughts on the current Chiefs squad.

"Our generation used to love the badge and we used to fight for the badge. But when it comes to them they don't have that heart. They are just playing for money. But during our time we were not earning much so we used to love the badge.- Mayo said to

"If you are a football player you always play under pressure. You will have to learn to play under those circumstances.

"Whether you are in public walking in a mall, pressure is always there. So I can say the Chiefs jersey is too heavy for them- he added to

"With us, we used to take the pressure because you lose two, three games at Chiefs, don't think you would be able to go to the mall. Otherwise, you'd get all sorts of insults from the supporters, and rightfully so because they are paying their monies to enter the Stadium."-Mayo told

According to, Patrick also admitted that the winning bonuses used to motivate them back in their days.

"We knew reaching every semi-final meant money for us. There's only one hurdle that we need to overcome, to win the semi-final and get to the final," Mayo added to

"We knew losing the final meant we would receive nothing from the club. If we win we get bonuses. These days if they lose, win or draw it's all the same to them because they will still receive the same salary.

"At Chiefs, we used to work for our winning bonus more than we did for our salary because we were earning very little."-Mayo continued to

Mayo also shared his thoughts and how disappointed he has been with the recruitment process of players in the past 5 years.

"I'm not happy about that. They must not assume I'm saying this because I'm bitter, I'm not bitter I'm just telling the honest truth- he said to

"If you look carefully the last time Chiefs signed a player was during our time. But since we left I'm not happy with their signings.

"Some are doing okay, Like Phathutshedzo Nange for me, has been the best signing for Chiefs. He is doing exactly what we are looking for at Chiefs. Cole Alexander also is doing more than fine to me- he added to

"But we need to sign quality centre-backs at Chiefs. You don't need to be in the rebuilding process at Chiefs, that club is a brand. You need to sign quality players in that department. I doubt if there will be any accolades if the likes of Cardoso is still there.- he told

"The likes of Cardoso continue to make schoolboy errors but are experienced players. Even in the goalkeeping department, if it was up to me I would always go for Bvuma instead of Khune and Akpeyi.

"They are the senior players, Bvuma should be learning from them, but instead it's them who are learning from him. That boy single-handedly carried Kaizer Chiefs to the semi-final of the Champions League."-Mayo concluded to

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