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Plane Crash

3 Air disasters that shook the football world. See pictures below.

It's always heart wrenching when an air disaster occurs. The sports world has also lost many lives in air crashes. Airplane/Helicopter crashes are devastating because there are many people affected and the chances of survival are really low compared to crashes on the road. There have been times when entire teams and club employees lost their lives in air disasters. It most recently included the loss of Leicester City FC owner VI chai Srivaddanapraba. The accident occurred on October 27.

The helicopter had just cleared the King Power Stadium, but soon landed due to a technical glitch, killing all 5 people on board. Nursery Surname and Kaveporn Pun pare - both members of VI chai's staff lost their lives. Pilots Eric Swiffer and Izabela Rosa also did not survive and devastated their families and friends. The Foxes have historically lifted the coveted Premier League trophy under VI chai's ownership in 2016. The news of the accident shook the entire football fraternity in the world.

In this article, we'll take a look at aircraft disasters (including VI chai) in which football players and staff lost their lives.

3. Chapecoense football team (28 November 2016)

The site of the Munich Air Disaster, Inset - Manchester United players (Image credits - The Sun)

Bolivian charter airline Lamiae was taking the players of Brazilian club Real Chapecoense on an Avro RJ85 plane to Medellin, Colombia, where they will play in the Copa Sudamericana final. The district club reached the final for the first time. Of the 77 people on board, three players (22 people), one crew member (4 people) and two passengers survived, the rest tragically lost their lives.

Pilot error was blamed for the accident. The pilot's inability to declare an emergency and the reasons for running out of fuel and electrical problems were listed. Unable to make an emergency landing, the plane crashed when it crashed into one of the hills of Cerro Gordo, a mountain range in the area.

#2 Turin football team (May 4, 1949)The Grande Torino

Grande TorinoThe Grande Torino

The Superga air disaster is one of the scariest events in football history. The plane crash wiped out the entire Turin football team. Grande Torino ('Grande' simply for their outstanding performance at that time) were on their way home from Lisbon after playing a friendly match against S.L Benfica on the Fiat G.212 of Italian airlines. The losing team were named the winners of Serie A that year. Many of the players were also an important part of the Italy national team.

31 people on board were killed when the plane crashed into an embankment of the Supergun Basilica. In Turin, a million people took to the streets to say goodbye to the actors on the day of their funeral. This incident shook other Italian players so much that players of the Italian national team travelled by ship to the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil next year.

#1 Manchester United (February 6, 1958)Rescuers search for survivors from the wreckage

Munich Air Disaster site, Inset - Manchester United players (Image credit - The Sun)Munich Air Disaster site, Inset - Manchester United players (Image credit - The Sun) The Munich air disaster has been called one of the scariest accidents in the history of association football. While 44 people were on board, only 21 survived the crash. Also on board was the Manchester United football team, or the young "Busby Babes", known for the players' average age of just 24 at the time.

The team was returning from the city of Belgrade after successfully defeating Red Star Belgrade to enter the semi-finals of the European Cup. The plane had stopped in Munich to refuel. The track was covered with mud due to snowfall. As a result, the aircraft overcame the fence beyond the runway and crashed after hitting a house with its left wing. This was the third takeoff attempt after two unsuccessful attempts Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor and Liam "Billy" Whelan were all players who lost their lives at Manchester United. Among the dead were 3 Red Devils personnel and 8 journalists.

Initially, pilot error was blamed for the accident, but it was later found that bribery at the end of the runway prevented the aircraft from reaching safe flight speed. Monuments still stand in Old Trafford, Munich and Belgrade to commemorate the lives lost during the horrific event.


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