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Royal AM security guy spotted with a gun at the stadium

how this Royal AM guy managed to enter the stadium carrying a gun yesterday against Kaizer Chiefs?

This tweet about Royal AM official carrying a gun into the stadium against Kaizer Chiefs has nothing to do with results. No one is allowed to carry weapons into the stadium except for Stadium Security and SAPS, no other exceptions. Private security or not, it's prohibited.

If you don't know, just ask. Personal or private security count for nothing at stadiums. The Licensor and the Hirer are responsible for Stadium security

Authorities in stadiums "reserve the right" which simply means they take own initiative on which situation may pose danger to the general public. In this case theres no public. Allot of high profile individuals go to soccer events with own private security.

Even if u omit the public part. the reserve the right is enough. It's within the SAPS & Stadium securities discretion. They got to decided here. Reserve a right doesn't say it must not. It's simple means the decision to or not to lies with them

The security failed to stop this guy from entering the stad with a gun and it is the home team that must provide adequate security. If the security fails then the home team will take responsibility. So blame the home.

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