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3 Most Embarrassing Moments In Football


In sports, embarrassing moments frequently include a multi-millionaire going down in flames in front of a sizable global audience. The more prominent the star, the more positive the situation seems to us regular people.

Embarrassing situations can take on a variety of shapes. On the field, players frequently commit embarrassing individual mistakes while teams frequently fail at the most fundamental test.

In other places, media-captured stunts that feature a well-paid star making a fool of himself frequently get large audiences.

Here are few heartbreaking incidents from the world of football.

1: Miss Diana Ross

We begin with a moment from a music icon during a significant football event, not from a football player.

The 1994 World Cup opening ceremony included Diana Ross in a major way. She was supposed to sing for the audience as a cameo appearance.

She had to kick a ball into a goal from exactly five yards away as part of her performance in order to keep the party going. Simple, yes? But alas, her technique was poor.

2. Open Goal by Fahad Khalfan

We turn to the renowned Fahad Khalfan, who has gained notoriety in recent years for one of the most egregious gaffes in sports history, to get some action on the field.

In the 2010 Asian Games, Khalfan, then 19 years old, was competing for Qatar for the second time. Khalfan committed an incredible failure as the game came to a close, missing from centimeters away with no one in his immediate vicinity as the score remained locked at 0-0.

The striker has not since worn the national colors of his country after his squad was ultimately eliminated.

3. Rene Higuita Is No Defender

At the 1990 World Cup, one of football's oddest personalities made a mistake on the biggest stage of them all.

Rene Higuita, a goalkeeper from Colombia, was always eager to play sweeper as well as in goal, but this desire backfired on him. His error caused Colombia to lose to the tournament underdog Cameroon.

Using this strategy while representing a country that has some of the most ardent football fans was undoubtedly never the best choice on Higuita's part. Four years later, after Andres Escobar had scored an own goal in the 1994 World Cup, a Colombian fan shot and killed the defender.

Nevertheless, unfazed, Higuita consistently carried on with his outrageous actions, executing a scorpion kick a year after the 1995 passing of his colleague. It's possible that this was done on purpose to block out unpleasant recollections of 1990.

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