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6 Romantic WWE storylines that had the biggest age gaps

Over the years, WWE has presented some interesting love angles on both WWE RAW and SmackDown. Many of these storylines have been used as comic relief. But some of them were intended to help new Superstars get over when they first arrived on the main roster.

Some on-screen couples paired two Superstars who were roughly the same age. But plenty of current and former WWE star were put into romantic storylines with stars who were much older than them.

From legendary wrestlers to the WWE Chairman himself, fans have seen some of the biggest names in the business get involved in controversial love stories on WWE programming.

AJ Lee is a former WWE Divas Champion. But before the former star was pushed as a serious competitor, she was featured in a few romantic storylines. Lee was aligned with the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena throughout the first few years of her career.

When Lee was part of a three-way storyline with Kane, Punk and Bryan in 2012, she was just 25 years old. At the time, Kane had already been with WWE for nearly two decades. He was 45 years old, so the age gap between the two stars was an impressive 20 years.

The romance angle took quite a turn when Al passed away (in storyline) on the couple's wedding night. This development led to several more matches between the two women on WWE programming.

Marie left WWE in 2005, and Al actually passed away in 2019 just days before his daughter, Torrie was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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