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Justice for Caster Semenya, South Africa cries.

An elite female track and field athlete Caster Semenya who naturally produce above-normal amounts of testosterone, received disheartening news from the IOC in her career as an athlete.

Caster Semenya was put under scrutiny and harassment under sports regulations to prove her womanhood and take meds to lower her testosterone levels to be allowed to compete. But as it stands Penn’s Lia Thomas won the 500-yard freestyle at the NCAA women’s swimming and diving championships.Thomas becomes the first known transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I championship in any sport. 

Darren Grimes said “I wonder if the ‘trans women are women’ crowd, seeing scenes of Olympic-level female swimmers losing, despite winning silver at last year's 2020 Tokyo Olympics, recognise the grotesque levels of unfairness they are ushering into female sports. Unfair, unbalanced, unjustifiable”

“The real bigotry is how Caster Semenya was ostracised by liberals, literally, for winning and naturally possessing properties comparable to men.Same liberals are more than happy to allow a literal man to compete as a woman, because he says so.” Said Koketso Resane.

what are your thoughts fellas?

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