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Will Clubless Ex-Chiefs Star Player Decide To Retire Now? - opinion

The going is by all accounts getting harder and harder for Former Kaizer Chiefs player George Lebese who is as yet battling extremely difficult to get another group in the PSL to play for. 

Indeed, even since Lebese left Chiefs a few years prior, things have not been going so well for him, something which himself would now know about yet there is no way around it any longer. 

When he joined Mamelodi Sundowns, it sounded good to him since he was joining the best club at that point, he was getting generously compensated and it seemed well and good in light of the fact that the club hails from his origination, that being the Mamelodi municipality. 

Having taken a shot with next to no achievement, it is presently a likelihood that he will currently be taking a gander at different other options and wind up considering to hang his boots and throw in the towel in proffesional football. 

Nonetheless, nobody knows what's on the horizon for anybody, anything might occur for him soon, something that actually stays not yet clear. 

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