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People Were Disappoint After MaMkhize Rewarded Players with Cash on The Pitch: OPINION.


04 October 2021

Report by T Ximba

It is quite common that when employers perform well at work they get bonuses. The bonuses may differ per case, employers are humans just you and me. What raised the eyebrows of many professionals, soccer analysts is the bonus by the chairman and owner of Royal AM after the match with hard cash on the pitch.

Royal claimed their victory against Maritzburg United with 2:1. Sepana Letsoalo scored the first at about 71' minutes, Zikule Kewuti equalized at 85' and Mbhazima Rikhotso scored again and made it a 2:1.

Right after the match finished the Royal chairman was seen celebrating and rewarded them with hard cash right on the pitch. The clip where the chairman rewarded players were reordered and shared on social media platforms where the people got split into as there was debate about professionalism demonstrated by MaMkhize.

See the clip in the link below

While others believed that rewarding players with hard cash were a way of rewarding players, others on the other hand did not appreciate it and believe that it was against ethics. Others again believe that MaMkhize is a winner and she was just doing what the winners.

How is rewarding players unprofessional? OPINION.

Let's start with defining professionalism first and draw the links between rewarding the players with hard cash. Professionalism involves being reliable, setting your own high standards, and demonstrating that you care about every aspect of your job. It's about being industrious and organized, and holding yourself accountable for your thoughts, words, and actions.

Before a player becomes a player of a particular team, there has to be a contract entered between the player and teams. Contracts have different clauses and one of the clauses which are always attached is the confidentiality clause. In this scenario, such a clause was breached. This may be illustrated in the case of disclosing a few things in public like making a payment of course.

Players are professionals and therefore they should get paid through their bank accounts. Paying someone with hard cash in front of cameras who is a professional does infringe upon their dignity. Even though the team is an independent and wealthy woman rewarding the players was uncalled for and unprofessional.

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