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Kaizer Chiefs have been exposed for match-fixing against Moroka Swallows.

Playing or refereeing a match to obtain a preset outcome is known as match-fixing in the context of organized sports.

Earlier today, Kaizer Chiefs and Moroka Swallows squared off in a Soweto derby. Moroka Swallows were relegated to the second tier after a 1-0 loss to Kaizer Chiefs in the 20th minute. The Moroka Swallows took control of the game early in the second half, scoring twice to go ahead 2-0.

Supporters of Kaizer Chiefs were incensed by the two goals scored by Moroka Swallows, and they concluded that Kaizer Chiefs had sold the game to Moroka Swallows in order to avoid relegation from the league. Bernard Parker, a Kaizer Chiefs veteran, scored in the 85th minute to tie the game at one goal apiece.

Fans of the Kaizer Chiefs have been sharing their thoughts in the comments section below.

I'm delighted that Kaizer Chiefs arranged this match so that Swallows must at least participate in the relegation playoffs and Baroka goes directly. Lord Kambala lost Chiefs their league title as they humiliated the Soweto Giants on multiple occasions, with Masuluke scoring a bicycle kick in the Telkom knockout final to seal their fate. There has been no consequences for Baroka's attacks on the Sowetan teams. The script dictates how the swallows are to be performed. We realized right away that saving the swallows was our number one priority. GladAfrica is the final destination for Baroka.

The Moroka Swallows were able to avoid relegation today, but there are still many unsolved issues and if the coaching department is not concluded before the start of the new season, we will still have concerns. As long as the existing coaches are around, I believe we will be fine. Have fun looking for the team's fittest members.

According to the comments made by Kaizer Chiefs fans, it is clear that everyone believes that the match was deliberately manipulated. Do you believe that Kaizer Chiefs saved Moroka Swallows from relegation to the Second Division? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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