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Dr. Ivan Khoza has dropped an unexpected bombshell

Dr. Ivan Khoza has dropped an unexpected bombshell

Date: 2021/10/06

The Premier Soccer League is not going to bring back fans in the stadium anytime soon has Ivan Khoza said this is not London, majority of our population is still not vaccinated and will be a health disaster if they let them back in the stadiums, so it is better to save the people rather than bringing back them in a place where we all know it is still not safe and I still have to face the Troubles that come with the virus which is completely deadly.

Emerging economies will always be last to everything they will have to sit back and watch Europe enjoy sports, with stadiums that are up to capacity, for example, Russia did not even do a lockdown they are stadiums are completely full, ever since the beginning of the pandemic till today, Germany was the first to open up their stadiums and let soccer players play, as they kept the economic machine running, but countries that are poor and need a lot of employment have to steal it back and watch other people make money and improve their countries while we sit back and relax like we can afford to.

The smartest thing that could happen right now is for people to get their shots and get themselves to 80% of the vaccinations, so we can enjoy football once more, or other outdoor activities can only go into the social clubs and other places where spaces are small and it's congested.

This is a bombshell that Dr. I through on our sporting Complex in people as people were expecting stadiums to have people already because there are a lot of people who make a living from being security at the Stadium bartenders and hostesses these are low income paying jobs but they do a lot for the economy.


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