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Junior Kanye: Arthur Zwane Made a Wrong Decision Regarding Solomons

- Chiefs thin squad vs Sundowns big squad

Sundowns game must have come too soon for Arthur Zwane. When you look at the two benches the was a huge gap in terms of experience. Sundowns experimented with the first two games. they brought a strong squad against Chiefs. They planned for Chiefs game they brought back Andile Jali and Sirino in the starting lineup. Zwane did the opposite.

This game showed why having a big squad gives you an advantage. 

Chiefs have a very thin squad compared to Sundowns

if Sundowns will have 7 injuries for example they will still cope. The same can't be said about Chiefs. 

Chiefs lost Matlou and Du Preez to injuries. The starting eleven was not balanced

-Chiefs has around 30 players, Sundowns has around 45 players

What will happen to Chiefs if they lose Dolly, Billiat, and Du Preez through injuries at the same time? Chiefs need a big squad to compete with Sundowns. Chiefs should have at least 3 or 4 quality players competing for the same position.

-Why did Arthur Zwane take this decision regarding Solomons

Junior Kanye has addressed issues relating to the lack of competition at Chiefs.

Junior mentioned that Chiefs needed a natural defensive midfielder. However, Chiefs chose to over-skill by having a similar quality of players. Ngezana and Kwinika and 3 similar central midfielders instead of unique players complementing each other.

Junior recons that Shalulie's first goal was scored because there was no natural defensive midfielder.

Sundowns manage to deal with Chiefs' diagonal balls from Yusuf Maart and Sithebe. Chiefs lacked someone who can delay the game in the middle.

Junior questioned Arthur's decision to take a right back(Solomons) and put it in the front 3.

This speaks to the thin squad Chiefs has. However, Zwane had a choice to start with Sekgotha in the front 3 but chose to start him on the bench. He showed too much respect to Sundowns by been defensive.

Junior recons Zwane made a wrong decision. Why did he put a defensive player(Solomons) in the front 3?

Dolly and Khama did not function because the front 3 were not balanced.

Source: watch from 3 to 4

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