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" Radebe He Eats Snake " : Ex Chiefs Star

Many soccer players they travel the world a lot. They play in big tournament, some they move to a new club or they go overseas for trial. They get exposed to a lot of things. They also learn a lot of things when they go abroad. They get exposed to different cultures. When Chiefs won the Mandela cup which is now known as CAF confederation cup. They had an opportunity to go to places they have never been before.

Former Chiefs player Rene Richards while he was still playing at Chiefs the team travelled to Asia to play in the Peace cup in South Korea. It was quite an interesting trip they were treated like kings. Three players had at least 1 bodyguard whenever they went out to have some fun.

Rene was accompanied by David Radebe and Musasa together with their bodyguard. When they were about to eat there was a whole lot of food. They could pick and choose what they want to eat.

The security guard approached them and said eat this it taste very nice you will love it. They ask the security guard what kind of meat is this. The security did not reveal what type of meat is it.

Rene started to taste the sauce first before he can dig in. The sauce was good. David Radebe was the first player to taste the meat. They all started to eat the meat after him. However they kept on chewing the meat but they struggle to digest it in their mouth. The security was giving them the look. He said what you guys are eating is actually a snake.

They were shocked they started to spit the meat. The security was not happy as he told the players not to do such,because it is disrespectful in South Korea to do such. They told the security that they don't eat this kind of meat in SA.

Musasa was teasing Radebe on the flight when they came back to SA. He was screaming and saying Radebe he eats snakes even though they all did.

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