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What this Woman was waiting for in the Field Of Football, Will leave You In stitches

It is match day, Fikisa Xholo stands on the sidelines waiting to be called on the field of the play as she carries her one-year-old baby boy on her back. she is a mother of two and a soccer player. 

Both her passions are with her: the game and her child. She's in an unusual sight to many spectators and possibly her male counterparts but what is the real cost of the drive to juggle parenthood and a professional sports career? support independent journalism. There have been some comments on this story:

'Now there's a picture with a thousand words. Somebody asked why she ain't leaving her baby at home, there are multiple reasons she took the baby with her at first. I could even ask the coach to carry him for me it's my turn. I like what she's doing because these days you can't trust people with your baby ' commented one.

'Eish why bring the baby who is going to take cars off the baby when it's her turn? Unpaid casework will be the end of us, we'll do the other comment 

People shouldn't be quick to judge or comment on this girl. No one knows what she's going through. What if she has no parents and no one will after her baby? We shouldn't be quick to judge her while we don't know anything. 

Most of the woman have babies at an early age and that distract them from achieving their goals. Some had babies while they are at school and were forced to stay at home to take good care of them. Not every girl is lucky as her to have a baby and also continue fulfilling her career. 

Parents should help their children who have babies to take care of them. They shouldn't disown them but help them raise their babies. They should stay with their grandchildren while their mothers are continuing their careers. 

The soccer team should find a way to help Fikisa and her baby while she's in the field. The coach can look for a babysitter to stay with her baby while she's playing. Fikisa needs everyone's support not to be judged for bringing her child to the playing ground. 

Society can help all the young girls with babies to reach their goals by looking after their children while they do their duties. Childcare services should be free and available so that they can take their babies there to be taken care of. We should unite and support one another, together we can.


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Fikisa Xholo


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