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Mamkhize and Andile Mpisana were unprofessional yesterday after game. See what people noticed

We all know that Soccer Players get rewarded with all the time after the match. But just imagine Royal AM did it on the pitch, in front of cameras? Where have you seen that? Can you imagine your employer coming to give you your bonus in front of everyone shouting your name. it's not about jealousy, this is humiliating for the players listen to them, not even us. Trying to compare this to the regular MoM awards is also senseless. You are welcome to admire MaMkhize and her riches but don't act like you'd like to get your pay like this yourselves. Their happiness shouldn’t rest on disrespecting players. This was unnecessary. When you work with people, respect them, irrespective of how deep your pockets may be. They are human beings that need to be respected .

And again that video of Mamkhize and her son Andile Mpisana is going viral all over Social Media, giving Royal AM soccer stars a huge amount of money, inside the stadium which is totally wrong. Hence is our first time the world see something like what Mamkhize and her son did. There were supposed to give their players a piece of cheques to change it in the bank not real money. It is so dissrespectful to soccer, and it takes image of South African soccer down. You will never see Orlando Pirates, Kaizer Chiefs or Mamelodi Sundowns doing what Mamkhize did yesterday. And we talking about big teams here, not up coming team like Royal AM. It will end in tears for them and they will never win any single trophy this season. Because they're getting happy too and they're not showing respect to our South African football. It is an embarrassment to us, when people from overseas see the video of Royal AM owners giving soccer stars money hand by hand. To watch the video please click the link below:

That's the problem with people with money they think that they can do whatever at other people's expense. People with money bore some of us most of the time. Especially locals it's like they start seeing the money. They will fine her R4 million for rewarding players live on the pitch.

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