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UEFA Champions League

2 Things Fans Would Love Ronaldo To Do But Might Not See Him Do It

United's UEFA Champions League group game against Atalanta ended in a dramatic draw thanks to the Portuguese forward's winner. Even though United appeared to be in trouble after falling behind by two goals early on, Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire both netted before halftime to salvage a point for them in their own stadium.

When the squad needed him the most, Cristiano Ronaldo rose to meet a magnificent Luke Shaw cross and head a downward header into the Atalanta net. The last two games, Ronaldo has failed to find the back of the net for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men and many have blamed his overzealous celebrations after scoring on penalties against Luxembourg. However, after scoring for the club again yesterday, we will analyze two things fans might want to see from him before he retires.

In football, what do you think is most important? Consistently scoring goals of any kind, or only scoring jaw-dropping goals every now and then? Fans of either football or basketball are the only ones who can definitively say which one they enjoy the most.

Despite Ronaldo's six goals in all competitions for the club in a relatively short time frame, much has been said about him in the last few weeks. The following are two things I feel Ronaldo's admirers would like to see the Portuguese perform but are unlikely to happen again.

1. Scoring spectacular goals from outside the box.

There's a lot of talk these days about how many goals Messi and Ronaldo have scored this year that came from beyond the box. Getting a goal from long range is great, but it isn't necessary for one to come from there. Ronaldo has evolved into something of a fox in the box, capable of punishing any blunders by the rival defense.

Ronaldo is no longer a player who drops deep into the midfield area, drives the ball forward, and shoots from a distance. As a result, supporters may be disappointed if they expect Ronaldo to do so.

2. Helping the United States to put pressure on the opposition's defenses.

As a result of Ronaldo's presence up front, United's play has become characterized by an inability to press effectively. When it comes to Ronaldo joining his teammates in pressing, many United fans have hoped that he would do so for all 90 minutes. However, it is safe to say that Ronaldo does not have the energy to do so.


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