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Djokovic sent packing by the minister despite court order. The courts do not hold all the power.

The courts were designed to adjudicate where people do not agree, not to tell the government what to do. Very often courts overreach and become the players instead of the referees of the law.

Novak Djokovic entered Australia knowing fully well that he was positive with Covid-19 and did not bother isolating. He then continued to intact with people and the media. To make things worse he is not even vaccinated.

The court in Australia ruled that he must be allowed to play in the Australian Open despite all the issues surrounding his Covid-19 positivity and lack thereof of isolating.

Alex Hawke the immigration minister in Australia reminded the courts that they do not hold all the power by overwriting the cout's ruling. The court failed to recognise the potential threat posed by Mr Djokovic, and only relied on the law alone.

Another miscarriage of justice by those who think themselves Gods. I applaud Australia for taking no nonsense when it comes to the protection of their own citizens.

This case reminds me of the case of Omar al-Bashir, when the South African Court told the government to arrest him and hand him over to the International Criminal Court regardless of the backlash we were going to face from his own country.

Courts must be part of the society in which they adjudicate so that they become sensitive to social issues their rulings have on the citizens. Removing themselves from societal norms will forever erode the respect and trust of the courts by citizens.

The law can never be absolute, it must be open to various interpretations. Another miscarriage of justice was when the Constitutional Court ordered that Jacob Zuma be put in prison for 150 days.

We place all the death, destruction of property and looting squarely on the shoulders of the Constitutional Court. The ruling was unnecessary and served no purpose or justice.


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