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4 Top Footballers Who Have Served Time In Jail

 Many people believe that professional footballers live above the law. When they run into conflict with the law, they hardly seem to get away with a slap in the face. 

 Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was recently involved in a nightclub altercation during which he was charged with assault. Many people expected Gerrard to come out unharmed, and many cited it as one of the reasons that he is a professional footballer. 

 But since footballers are punished with yellow and red cards on the field, they are not above the law off the field either. Punishment. 



 Here are four soccer players who have spent some time in prison, in no particular order. 



 1. Adam Chapman 


 In 2009, Chapman pleaded guilty to causing the death of another man through reckless driving. He was sentenced to 30 months in a prison for juvenile offenders. 


 The young Irishman was only released from prison earlier this month and is ready to restart his career at Oxford United. He has scored five career goals at Oxford United. 



 2. James Cotterill 


 Unlike usual, Cotterill was imprisoned for something that happened in the field. In a 2006 FA Cup game while playing for Barrow, Cotterill met Sean Rigg of Bristol Rovers. The shot left Rigg with a double broken jaw, forcing him to eat from a teaspoon and drink from a straw. 


 After the incident was seen at the Match of the Day in England that night, Cotterill was banned from all football by the English Football Association until March 2007 for assault. 


 He was released a few weeks later, but was placed under house arrest in February and had to wear an ankle cuff at home. 



 3. Ian Wright 


 Former Arsenal and Crystal Palace star just thought he could get away with something preventable. 

 At one point Wright owned two cars but chose not to pay his insurance or taxes on the two cars. While this likely worked very well for a while, the government eventually found out about it and he was sentenced to 14 days in prison. in jail for his deeds or lack of them. 



 4. Stig Toftingg 


 After a successful career in Germany, the Danish footballer switched his career to the Bolton Wanderers of the Premier League, where he would get into trouble. 


 At a party with his Danish teammates after the 2002 World Cup, Tofting hit a restaurant owner in Copenhagen in the head. After the trial, Tofting was found guilty of assault and sentenced to four months in prison. 


 After his conviction, his contract with Bolton was shortened until the end of 2003 and he ended the 2003 campaign serving his prison sentence.

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