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4 Football Players That Have Never Scored Own Goals

It is really embarrassing and sad, especially when national teams were in a tough World Cup match and lost because of it. Many players who have scored these kinds of goals did so by accident, but players who don't like how their teammates play might do it on purpose to make them lose the game.

Only 52 people have scored an own goal in the history of the World Cup. The most own goals were scored at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. There were about 12 of them. The Mexico national team has scored more own goals than any other team at a FIFA World Cup. Even though no football player has ever scored two own goals in the same World Cup game. 

1. Marcelo 

The Brazilian star is one of the most well-known players to have scored an own goal in a world cup game. He is a forward who can play anywhere in the front line because he is so versatile. Different sports experts have praised him for his speed, energy, skills, and ability to score goals. In the 11th minute of the game between Brazil and Croatia, he put the ball in the goal by accident. But they were lucky because they won the game with three goals. 

2. Fernandinho 

Fernandinho, a Brazilian legend, is another well-known player who has scored an own goal at the FIFA World Cup. With a strong shot and a wide range of passes, Fernandinho has been a big help in stopping the other team's attacks and making chances to score even when it seemed impossible. In the 13th minute of the game between Brazil and Belgium, he scored an embarrassing own goal. He scored the goal in the 2018 world cup quarterfinals. They lost the game to Belgium, so they had to leave the tournament. 

Aside from the mistake he made at the 2018 World Cup, he has been praised for his speed, ability to shoot from far away, energy, technique, movement, and work rate. 

3. Mario Mandzukic 

Mandzukic, a player for Croatia, is another well-known player who has scored an own goal at the FIFA World Cup. His own goal is thought to be one of the saddest in football history because it happened in the final game of the 2018 FIFA world cup. Croatia's last World Cup game was on July 15, 2018, against France. Mandzukic scored an own goal, which was a big reason why Croatia lost to France. 

4. Yobo, Joseph 

The Nigerian defender is also one of the few people who have scored an own goal at the FIFA World Cup. His own goal was also heartbreaking because it happened in extra time. Nigeria played France in the round of 16 of the 2014 World Cup. France beat Nigeria by two goals, one of which was scored by Yobo.

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