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‘See Why Luka Modric and Mario Mandzukic didn’t speak for 3 years after ‘elevator incident’


Luka Modric discusses why he didn't talk to Croatia teammate Mario Mandzukic for three years in an amazing excerpt from his autobiography, 'The Game.' 

"Mario is a one-of-a-kind kind of person. He appears grumpy on occasion "Modric was the author of the article. "Those who are unfamiliar with him may believe that he is always frowning in reality. 


"Mario has always been a wonderful young man with a large heart in my eyes. Even though I took a long time to understand [him], I adored him from the beginning. 

"At the national team, we spent a lot of time together. I ran across Mandzukic in front of the hotel elevator on a trip to Iceland, when we were attempting to get to the World Cup in Brazil. 

"'Come on Mario, we're going all out today,' I encouraged him, because the players often encourage one another in practice or before a game. 

"'Look at yourself, leave me,' Mandzukic said, surprising me with his response. It appeared to be a one-time snafu. 


"Mario and I have always gotten along well. Until that point, we had been in frequent communication. Then came a period of silence, and the connection began to chill." 

In the end, the two realized they had made a tremendous blunder. "If he had the wisdom of now, he would have clarified it immediately or, in the worst-case scenario, in the next concentration [meeting] of the national team," the Real Madrid superstar concluded. 

"I was defiant, however. The energy dissipates when two challenging people are short-circuited. He was obviously mistaken, but he refused to take the initial step. 


"I waited for the appropriate opportunity to start talking and then did so. I wanted to apologize for our lack of intimacy. 

"I was curious as to why we had been exchanging frigid messages for over three years. 

"But he's the kind of guy I'd fight with in any situation. Whatever it is, I am confident that he will give his all, protect your interests, and never betray you."

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