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VIDEO: Connie Ferguson went for boxing session and it was a tough one to complete

Connie Ferguson loves going to the gym and it is not easy. She knows and not hiding it from anyone, because she is sharing video clips of her sessions all the time. It is great when you are enjoying the results, but when it comes to putting in the work, you can't skip it, and if you do, you will not get your desired results. You put in an effort, you get results.

She was having a tough boxing session and her trainer was not going easy on her even though she had moments where she wanted to stop. Her trainer could not let her stop the session because it was not over and she had to continue. All the effort is to make sure that she is maintaining her body size and many people are also trying.

Others have left because it was not easy and it will not get easier. You just have to go and do what you should be doing. Sir SLG, who is a house music DJ from South Africa, also said it is tough and it will not get easier. You have to attend every session even though it is not easy and you may be tired for it. It is something you should accept and do as planned.

She has been training all the time, even when her late husband was still alive. They used to train together and the motivation she got was also from Shona. Both of them have made training a part of their lifestyle and when it was time for it, you don't decide you are not going to a session. It is for your own benefit, but then people will love the result.

It also helps you to stay fit, energetic and healthy. Showing her video clips from sessions does not have to be seen as someone showing off that she can do it. It is a simple motivator of what you will get if you devote a certain amount of time to your weekly sessions. The benefits are tremendous, such as being energetic and it will help you with your efforts at work. You will become more energetic and you will strive for good results.

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