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Chiefs Made More Money Than their Arch Rivals(Study)$92m

There has been big debates about which club makes more money in the PSL. However there are different models used in the industry. One model can say is A club and another can say it is club B or vice versa. The is way too many sophisticated model been used . They differ from one model to another. It also depends on one category to the other.

According to a source another finance study done "Amakhosi" had made more money than their arch rivals Pirates did in the last 4 years by reaching the final of CAF Championships league which is a historic moment in the club. This also includes Sponsorship,TV rights, merchandise sales and initiatives etc.

The study confirms that the "glamour boys" generated an income of around $92 million last campaign. The Tshwane giant took second place by generating a revenue of around $63 million, followed by the Soweto giant Pirates with a revenue of $35 million most of the income coming from T-shirt sales.

In different categories this could be different but somehow Chiefs will always have advantage in the long term due to the number of supporters they have. Whether card carrying online etc.

Chiefs has also opted to save more than spending more unlike their arch who spend more on transfer target instead of getting free agents and stress only about salaries which allows them, to spend a lot of money in a long period rather than just spending bulk of the money all at once.

Chiefs always draws a a large number of viewership whether online,TV and Radio whenever the team plays. The broadcasters are also aware of these numbers.

Do think Chiefs should now change their model and buy more players and spend or should they stick to what they know best (model)?

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