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Analysis: What really happened to Kaizer Chiefs, what went wrong? |OPINION

Kaizer Chiefs was once the best team in South Africa, but that era has passed us by, and all we feel as Kaizer Chiefs fans is anguish and despair.

I believe the problem began from the top. They said that Kaizer Chiefs is a family business that was run like a spaza shop, which is why they brought in players like Chirambadare and Agay to attempt and move the team ahead but instead took it backward.

First and foremost, Bobby has never played football and has repeatedly demonstrated that he is incapable of running a team like Amakhosi, and the worst thing is that he has the final say over player signings.

When Baxter won a double, the league, and the Nedbank Cup, he had the best team in South Africa, with incredible depth. What I'm trying to say is that those players were destined to win regardless of who was coaching them at the time; they were complete players who had to compete for a spot on the squad.

This was the starting lineup.





A draw felt like a loss with this lineup.

If they could play against each other, the substitute's lineup would finish in the top three in the league and beat our present squad by more than three goals.




Parker-Motaung Jr

For years, Baxter had a great squad, which is why he won so many trophies. The roster he has now is good, but the players are not as complete and experienced as the ones he had previously. He won cups with SuperSport because he is a competent coach, but it has become difficult for him at Amakhosi because he does not have all the freedom he requires now that Bobby has become the big man, he is in charge, and he makes awful signings.

The depth of the Kaizer Chiefs from 2013 to 2015 can never be replicated. Bad players may now easily make the starting lineup, and there is no competition for positions.

Kambole, in my opinion, was an unnecessary signing; we could have opted for Moseamedi. We should have gone for Kutumela before Sundowns approached him, instead of Sekgota.

We've made some silly signings in the past, and this year was no different. We signed Dube, who had a stinker against Sundowns in his first match. We signed Mabiliso, and he scored an own goal on his debut today. We signed Ngcobo, and he made a stupid foul that resulted in a free-kick goal. They also brought back Baxter, who plays defensive football like Middendorp, and as a result, we played with 5 defenders against Sundowns and today against Royal AM.

Why didn't they hire attack-minded coaches like Tinkler? because Bobby has never played football and Baxter was selected based on his previous accomplishments with the club

Where did things go wrong? When Bobby was put in charge and swiftly demolished the club.

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