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Coupe de France : Romorantin joins PSG in Round of 32 after 2-0 win against Mtsapere.(Opinion)

Romorantin played against Mtsapere in the French Cup and managed to win 2-0 in the Round of 64 as they join PSG in the Round of 32.

Romorantin played their latest fixture in the French Cup, which were the Round of 64 against Mtsapere, and won the match 2-0 in the end. Romorantin's win has now managed to get them to the Round of 32 as they join PSG which won their Round of 64, 1-0 to progress to the Round of 32. PSG is the current title holder of the French Cup and they narrowly made it through to the Round of 32 with a low 1-0 win. Romorantin now joins the French Cup Champions in the Round of 32 after they managed to score two first half goals against Mtsapere in the match. Romorantin also got away with a clean sheet as Mtsapere's run in the French Cup ended after the 2-0 defeat.

Romorantin opened the scoring in the first half of the match, when Arnold Abelenti scored his side in a 1-0 lead when he found the back of the net in the 17th minute. Anthony Payet managed to make it 2-0 for Romorantin when he scored his goal just four minutes later in the 21nd minute of the match. Romorantin won the match 2-0 in the end as they join PSG in the next round of the French Cup.

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