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TRANSFER NEWS| Is This The Teams That Want Haaland?

A lot of British teams have shown interest in Erling the 20-year-old has proven himself to be one of the best right now, so Chelsea and Man City are pushing to get the player quicker than any other team.


Halland the Borussia Dortmund Stricker has been on headlines lately competing with Robert Lewandowski for the German league title, the number nine was a target for Baryen Munich player's last classic game as he was out due to injury at the start of the second half. Erling Haaland and Borussia Dortmund lost the game but the 20-year-old boy and the team are still showing resilience as they are in the champions league last 8. The youngster is from Northern Europe and Lewandowski is from Poland, he is over 30 but he scores more than 30 goals a season for Baryen, he is making Halaand look like he is trying the way he is so good. British Soccer Teams like Man City and Chelsea are Showing interest in Haaland who will get the best bid for the player we are to find out as time goes.

The German league seems to be gathering a lot of strength and power having the two stars going head to head on the last game. The Borrusia Dortmund superstar made waves when he was still playing in Austria for the Red Bull team that was when a lot of investment and eyes started showing him on the television, showing what he was capable of. He seems like he is going to have a head-to-head with Mbappe from France in the upcoming years, the two are right about the same age and they do not go through a lot of injuries as they're always very fit.

Is the Young European destined to win big prizes like the Ballon D'Or or is he just another guy who is having a good run like Phillipe Coutinho and then be quiet when for a long time? The player Earling seems to be a superstar naturally as he will always know when to score a wonderful goal. He seems to have the skill to shoot with both legs long-distance goals, he is giving all the defenders a hard time, he is scoring more goals than the guys he found at the Borrusia Dortmund first team.

Only 20 years of age but his work on the football pitch is outstanding, and everyone is trying to get revenue to buy him when the season closes and they reopen stadiums, it will be a premium feeling to see Halaand play as he is young and exciting ready to win games and he has a good attitude to win games. Everyone is ready to see what the boy has to offer in these next coming seasons, as he has 15 years left in him to show the world what can he do, which trophies is he going to win, what is he ready to lose for that.

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