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Jomo Sono Will see his Financial troubles Worsen If he Does Not See This

Jomo Sono Will see his Financial troubles Worsen If he Does Not See This

Date: 2021/10/24

Jomo Cosmos is on a verge of getting relegated from the Glada African Championship with Mr. Sono refusing the Advise to hire more soccer coaches so that he focuses on executive deals with sponsorship companies that spend millions making sure that he is able to pay the fixed costs of the club like the pitch maintenance, making sure that the players are paid the money has to be given to themselves.

If he does not watch out he will find his team in the Motsepe league which is not a good place to be when the teams are not able to bring in the numbers on the television but most of the games are not televised.

If they are able to make sure that everyone in their team win games, but the win rate is low, more bad mistakes will put them in situations they do want to be in, the world is a cold place if you keep getting demoted and not taking your job seriously. He will lose more money if the team keeps failing, he needs to put love in his team, maybe is the only thing that is missing with his boys, he put them in good positions but it is up to them if they want to shine over there.

Maybe will continue running his team the way he wants until it is scrapped, but Swallows managed to come back but they are now losing since they suspended the coach.

When he was playing for Orlando Pirates back in the day he was smarter and sharper, now life has taken its cause and it is not about him anymore, but his family and children so they can continue to survive after he is gone, or maybe for his legacy, something to be remembered with because, in the end, it will stress him to death.


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