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FIFA World Cup

Opinion: Don't Be fooled there is nothing special about European football

Dont be fooled there is nothing special about European football.

The Money and Marketing power in those countries so huge to manupulate the world to believe that their football philosophy is better than anyone in this earth.

When you look at FIFA SOCCER ( a series of association football video games or football simulator, released annually by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label) It has been design in such a way that is able to have influence on Kids's development to believe that European football is the best and this is how football should be played.

Europeans know that our football style is deadly and they cannot perform the skills that we perform on the field, now they want to drag us down to their philosophy because once we adopt their philosophy, we cannot beat them with their style and they succeeded in doing this because even Brazilians are caught in this trap hence the reason they have been struggling to win world cups in recent years....

It's very true that Europeans are advance with so many things,infrastr

ucture,marketing their products even their languages are the most spoken ones around the globe so is their soccer philosophy that has been imposed on us Africans.They work very hard on their craft the same can't be said about us.Soccer it's gift that need to be nurtured but here in Mzansi we want to shorten everything and expect a better outcome.

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Yesterday at 5:56 AM

Jps Pride

That's 110% Truth , even today they can't explain why their few team from Africa in the world cup. European countries still colonize our talent in the name of having good football academies look at France how Africans are there . in EPL there is always an African player dominating but because is African no rewards for them.

Then here in Africa football is lead by politician. They don't see that. They always hire old European coach that are at their retirement age.

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