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Its Wrong:See What Mamkhize and Her Son Were Caught Doing On the Field That Raised Suspicions


Today Mamkhize team Royal AM was playing against Marizburg United and they played really well.They beat them 2-0 .However after the match was over MaMkhize and her son did something that left everyone speechless.

After the match Andile Mpisane came out with a brown paper bag full of money and started giving out money to the players .Apparently it was an incetive for them playing the match so well .See below.

South Africans think what Mamkhize and Andile did was wrong .Even though the money was just an incetive its not right for them to give the players the money while still on the field.Its also dangerous because they might be a target and their bus can get robbed .They must respect the players and deposit the money into their accounts and not hand out money like they picked them from the street to come and play the game .

Also according to PSL and Fifa rules its not right to give the players money while they still on the field and everyone is watching .Imagine having your employer come and pay you in front of everyone and they see how much you are getting .A Salary is a private thing and Mamkhize and her son should respect that and pay them privately next time.

In my opinion im not suprised Mamkhize would do that .She is a reality star and she does everything for the sake of the cameras and social media, so that giving out of money in the field was just so that people could see that she has money and can give it away just like that .I think thats the reason why they did it in public and not in private .

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