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Ghana will have no idea what hit them as Ace Ngcobo is reviewing the entire match : Opinion

Andile Aldrin "Ace" Ncobo, also known as "Mr Spoton," was born in 1967 in Nqadu Village, Willowvale, Eastern Cape, and is a former South African football (soccer) referee. He has worked in a variety of sports, including rugby, cricket, and rugby union. Mr Dumalisile was a school principal (Dumalisile Comprehensive High School, Butterworth High School) and an adjunct professor at various universities. Upon accepting a post as general manager of the Premier Soccer League in 2007, 

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the following is what he wrote in a tweet: "While many will only pay attention to the match-decider moment, we are carefully going through the match second by second, minute by minute, decision by decision." 

Kwesi stated that he was present in the stadium, and from where I was sitting, it did not appear to be a penalty. Dubious. If that's the case, why aren't you showing us the other perspectives? In addition, we should be informed about the prospect of a replay. In 2017, Ghana lodged a formal complaint with FIFA after a similar occurrence involving Ref Bennet. The case was later rejected. 

Musa believes that, even though the officiating was quite poor, Bafana lacked maturity and character. We are all aware that playing in Africa is like hunting in a forest; only the most courageous will survive. Unfortunately, Bafana was found to be lacking in this department. 

A foul throw was even given against Percy Tau in Ghana's half for taking the throw in a couple of steps ahead of where the throw-in was supposed to be. While he allowed the Ghanaian players to run for miles away from where the first throw-inns were located, the entire match was officiated in a bad manner in Ghana's favour. It was quite clear who the referee was siding with. What happened after Percy was pushed into the box in the 71st minute of the game? If simply touching someone in the box constitutes a penalty, why was there no penalty awarded? Carol was the one who inquired. 

The referee was a complete disaster. He called a slew of questionable fouls, corners, and a foul throw as a result of Percy Tau's forward movement. Bafana had no chance, in my opinion. Approximately 20 minutes into the game, I noticed that this referee had been assigned a mandate by Rinono. 

This, in my opinion, does not constitute a penalty. Take a look at the player from Ghana's team, as well as his reaction to the situation. It manifests itself in him. While the Bafana player appears to have been touched by the Ghana player, it may appear as if it is unharmed, but it is not, and so, from a contextual standpoint, there is no penalty. 

Do you believe Mr Ace Ngcobo will be able to gather enough information to persuade FIFA to reschedule the game between South Africa and Ghana? Please express your thoughts in the comments box below.

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