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New Mamelodi Sundowns Coach Very Impressed With New Arrival

New Mamelodi Sundowns Coach Very Impressed With New Arrival

Date: 2021/12/07

Mamelodi Sundowns Coach Impressed With Neo Maema ever since he got to Pretoria from Bloem Celtics he has been a problem with the long-range goals and supply to guys like Peter Shalulile, Sasfranko, who have been banging the goals left and right from the beginning of the season to now.

If Neo Maema keeps up his performance and focuses on football he might find himself playing overseas for a very respectable team, he has the drive to do it until he retires, he is a special kind of breed of a player, the moves he makes on the pitch a good, he is South Africa’s next big thing, he is on the right path.

Maema: Coming to Mamelodi Sundowns has been a privilege | FourFourTwo

Players who become themselves from the start of the season are more likely to gas out midseason or get injured, but if Neo can keep it up, he is on the verge of becoming something very special, he is the kind of one that will last for a lot of seasons, he has the drive to do it and maintain it for seasons to come.

Players are always trying to get to perform in ways that are very tricky, but Neo with Manqoba has the right people around him.

Players try to be as good as when they first made it to the league but their skills keep on dropping the more money they make like Thulani Hlatshwayo, whose football deteriorated as soon as he was on the first Pirates team but when he played for Wits, he was more disciplined not making the same kind of mistakes that are not helping him in any way or shape. Players have always tried to stay in shape during the holidays, but the issue is they tend to drink and eat too much.


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