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'It might be time to go back to the bio bubble for sport' - Dr Desmond Lamula Reveals

South Africa is currently at risk of a relapse in terms of the fight against corona virus. The emergence of the new strain labeled the 'omicron' which is said to be within the country. There already has been reports of cases surging more especially in the sports world and this might eventually lead to yet another lock down. This is definitely something the masses won't be looking forward to, however it is inevitable at this rate.

This is already ringing alarm bells within the sport community as the future is uncertain. Hard lock down contributed to the backlog we are currently seeing around the world especially when it comes to football. The solution to this was previously the bio-bubble which was implemented in the PSL for a good part of the season. This was expensive for teams, however there were no options under the circumstances.

Dr Desmond Lamula and Nhlanhla Ndlovu who is a sport physiotherapist for Bafana Bafana and the University of Johannesburg. They dát down for an interview with Thabiso Mosia to discuss the reports of rising positive cases, what could this mean for the future of boy only football but sports as whole in the country.

"It might be time to go back to the bio bubble for Sport because there are many ways this virus spreads. We know there is an issue of discipline,but it's not only players that can spread the infection, also non playing staff who mix with others" -Dr Desmond Lamula on #SAFMSportOn

Dr Lamula shared that he thinks this might be the time for sports to go back to the bio bubble. He went on to explain that it is not only the athletes who are responsible for the virus as there's a number of backroom staff that interacts with the rest of the public consistently. Various reports have suggest that we should prepare for yet another bumpy ridras the new strain is said to reduce immunity for those who have already vaccinated.

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