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Kaizer Chiefs reportedly set to have 3 Stars on badge next season

Kaizer Chiefs is the main Football club to Achieve "La Decima" in South African Football .Amakhosi will have 3 Stars on the Budge next season. Kaizer Chiefs won 13 League Titles beginning around 1971. 

Makhosi amahle for what reason do we generally need to delve previously. We definitely need to give regard to the group existing apart from everything else now. What's more, that team is Sundowns. They are modifying the set of experiences books. 

Anthony Ageyi kambule Mathoho Cardoso Team should give youthful players Zwane should be a mentor or should get new mentor Stuart should go he befuddled the player not putting Position...Froster should play Hlant execution isn't acceptable Thank. 

We should not fail to remember that KC won those association title under nsl not psl and SA was not under fifa during that time,this harassing different groups since KC is huge and old. 

For what reason should we discount the historical backdrop of the club and I twilights Kaizer Chiefs is glad for their set of experiences players


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KC Kaizer Chiefs League Titles Mathoho Cardoso Stars


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