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R6.5 Million Stadium Turned Into A Livestock Kraal In Limpopo

When everyone was mocking the Eastern Cape R15 million sports field.It turns out that there is another matter in Giyani, Limpopo similar to the one in Eastern Cape.Apparently it turns out that Homu Sports Complex that is situated in Giyani, Limpopo has cost about R6.5 million but has never been used.The stadium was built back in 2014 at a cost of R6.5 million and 7 years later.

The stadium still has not been used and residents have turned it into a kraal for their livestock.

This has really shocked many people that the government continues to waste money on properties that are never used.Apparently this stadium is claimed to have costed R6.5 million and the residents of Giyani did not believe it.They actually did not want it as they believed that a better stadium could have been built than the Homu Sports Complex.

Now it is an abondoned kraal for livestock in Giyani.

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Source: Kedibone Judas

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