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An expenditure of tax payers' money which may upset SA residents

Shauwn Mkhize

There is an expenditure by the eThekwini Municipality which is set to be channeled towards Shauwn Mkhize's Royal AM Football Club over the next three years.

The club is set to benefit up to R15-million from the municipality as part of the sponsorship package for all the Durban-based sports clubs. This may worry some South African residents because it is concerning how the municipality can afford to make such spendings on football teams while ordinary people need social assistance.

The main priority for the municipality of eThekwini should be to improve the lives of the people more than anything else. Sporting activities are leisure and they shouldn't be the priority.

The municipality has a huge task of assisting with making life return to normal after the unrest which rocked the place a couple of months back. Life is not yet steady in eThekwini and the financial resources need to be channeled towards the needy sectors.

The damage that was left in some Durban schools should not be forgotten. Some of the schools had to postpone their reopening as a result of the extent of the damages.

Moments during the unrest in KZN

Instead of spending on a Football Club that is already steady, why not take the money and channel it towards buying furniture and rebuilding schools that were destroyed during the unrest.

Sport is not as important as the education of children. It can be noted that there are more serious issues that need to be addressed by the municipality of eThekwini than to take financial resources where they are not needed.

The other questions that need to be addressed first by the municipality are whether service delivery is up to standard or not, before spending those millions. The decision to sponsor the football club by the municipality needs to be reconsidered.

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