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The Fight for Caster semenya to compete in the 2021 Olympics.

The south African Sports, Arts and Culture department is refusing to give up on Caster semenya for her to be able to Compete in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

The cnn reported that The south African government is continuing it's fight for caster semenya to participate in upcoming Tokyo Olympics. However not much has been done to better her case by the south African government.

According to News24, In recent development portfolio commitee meeting, it was heard that Caster Semenya' case has been escalated to the European Human Rights Court, because it seems like the south African government has somehow became useless in caster's case. Hoping that taking her case higher might help .Caster has been discriminated against because she is transgender and the issue is that she cannot be competing with women as she is much stronger than them.

But to be fair enough transgender athletes should compete with transgender athletes so that they won't have an advantage of winning agains the normal females. Meanwhile many locals share their thoughts and support.

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