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“Zwane and Sheppard Betrayed Me, So They Can Take Up Kaizer Chiefs Coaching” Baxter Confesses

Zwane vs Baxter raw: "Stuart was a problem, so Lee stabbed him in the back." 

Stuart Baxter said that Amakhosi coach Arthur Zwane and Dillon Sheppard stabbed him in the back while he was in charge. Zwane has again responded to Baxter's claims. 

Baxter came back to Chiefs in July 2021, but he was kicked off the team in December after Covid-19 was found in the club. 

At the time, it was up to both Zwane and Sheppard to lead the team until Baxter came back at the beginning of the current year. 

Baxter didn't do a good job with the Chiefs, so it wasn't a big surprise when he was fired in April 2022 because the management thought the ship was getting worse while he was in charge. 

Now, in an interview with SABC Sport on Wednesday, Baxter said that he felt betrayed by the two, but Zwane dared the seasoned coach to explain. 

Zwane said that they thought Baxter would be a good teacher for them, but all they got from him was disrespect. 

The mentor, who is 48 years old, then dropped a bombshell by saying that if Baxter wants to talk about being backstabbed, he should point the finger at his own son, Lee. 

Lee worked at Chiefs as a goalkeeper coach. When his father was fired, Lee stayed on, but Zwane thinks he was a problem on the technical team. 


"If he can explain how we stabbed him in the back. We thought we were going to work with someone we could learn from, someone who could be our guide," Zwane told reporters. 

"He was the one who said he didn't want the young players, and I don't know why he said that." 

"If he wants us to go toe-to-toe with him, we will, because people come here and treat us badly and expect us to stay quiet. Lee, his son, stabbed him in the back. Not us, because Lee was also a problem," Zwane said.


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