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VIDEO: South Africans are very creative. Check what the rugby fans has written on the board

South Africans are creative and they are able to make fun of anything happening to them. It was about the rugby match against Wales. One person had a plakat, or a small board, and was able to hold it high for anyone to see it. He wrote something on the board that made a lot of people laugh.

If you are part of the Wales team, you would find it not good because you have lost or may be amusing. That person behind it has written "How to braai a Whale". People have been laughing about it, and there is no dull moment in South Africa. Even though they are going through tough times. Just like how they were joking about the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, they also had someone with something you will find interesting. That person has written "40 minutes aside" and indeed, South Africa is a country of its own. There have been the comment that says, "I am not living in South Africa" because of how people react just to making jokes. They are so unique that they create at an unexpected time.


If you are that person not able to crack a joke, don't worry because you will not be bored. They start from the president to the public. They don't really want to consider what title position you have. When they want to make fun of you, they will. Just like they had done so after the president of South Africa when attending to the funeral of whom lost their lives at a Tarven.

They have also mocked Bafana-Bafana for not being able to qualify for the major tournaments and Banyana-Banyana has done so. It has become to everyone that is expected all the time they will make it, but they don't. Many people are not happy, and they continue to vent their unsatisfactory on social media. Sometimes they are very large, but they don't stop. They are already making jokes about Formula 1, which will be held in South Africa.

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