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It takes a lot of bad behavior for someone to be kicked out of the WWE. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will do whatever is good for business, as the old saying goes, and they have repeatedly swallowed their pride and brought someone back who they had previously stated would never return because it was in their best interests to do so. For instance, Paul Heyman has been allowed out of prison multiple times despite being assured that he will never be allowed back in.

On the other side, there are other wrestlers who hold a different point of view.

CM Punk

To say that CM Punk's departure from WWE was acrimonious is something of an understatement. After satisfactorily completing the obligations outlined in his contract, he abruptly quit the company before the time that the company had planned for him to do so. In a blistering podcast conversation with Colt Cabana, he continued to condemn the administration of the organization, as well as the medical personnel and the innovative path the company was headed in.

Big Cass

Big Cass was kicked out of the WWE as a result of an altercation that took place backstage with his ex-girlfriend Carmella. Despite the fact that they repackaged him and gave him a major boost, the WWE quickly distanced themselves from Big Cass, effectively prohibiting him from returning to the ring. This happened despite the fact that they gave him a huge boost.

Vickie Guerrero

According to Vickie Guerrero, WWE has prohibited Superstars from appearing on her Excuse Me podcast since she made an appearance for All Elite Wrestling in December. It would appear that WWE is unable to conduct business with her at this time. Since that time, Vickie Guerrero has made an increased number of appearances on AEW TV. Recently, she participated in Chris Jericho's Pep Rally that was broadcast on AEW Dynamite. She was a cheerleader there.

Alberto Del Rio

After he punched a backstage employee who had purportedly uttered a racist slur, Alberto Del Rio's initial contract with WWE was canceled. When Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE in the following year, many fans were taken aback because they had not anticipated that the two companies would collaborate again in the near future.

The second run of Del Rio's career was a huge letdown, as his booking was aimless and he seemed sluggish in the ring. This created a cycle that spiraled out of control, getting worse and worse before he left the company.

Enzo Amore

When Enzo Amore was accused of doing anything illegal while he was the cruiserweight champion, it put him into a lot of difficulty. Soon after, he was fired, and he is currently suspended from the WWE because no one wants to take the chance of hiring him again because it would be a public relations nightmare if they did.

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