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Andrea Shaw does it again.

Olympia weekend has just come to a close with Big Ramy walking away with the Mr Olympia title but who won the Ms Olympia title?...

Ms Olympia is the female version of the Mr Olympia competition which has been put on hold since 2014, it made it's come back in 2020.

Iris Floyd Kyle is the most successful professional female bodybuilders in history, winning seventeen titles overall including a record 10 Ms Olympia titles.

In 2020 the Ms Olympia competion made it's return with Andrea Shaw claiming the title as the best female bodybuilders in the world.

With a seven year gape since the last Ms Olympia competition, last year's Ms Olympia competition saw a new face ascend the throne, dethroning the greatest champion the female division has ever seen.

A new queen was born.

In 2020 Andrea Shaw became the new Ms Olympia champion since 2014.

This weekend Andrea put her title on the line at the biggest bodybuilding event of the year, at the Mr Olympia weekend.

Her Ms Olympia title defence came just a day before the Mr Olympia results and it was a show case of the decade. With every qualifying participant from all around the world looking to dethrone her and write their names in the history books of bodybuilding, the mountain on which the queen stood was under attack as they aimed for the throne.

Two time rising phoenix champion Helle Trevino put in a fierce battle for the number one spot as she battled tooth and nail to dethrone Andrea.

Helle Trevino

Who dared lay claim to the queens crown that fitted her head? Who dared to dethrone the queen of queens...

When the dust settled it was clear that there was only one women left standing and who the champion was, and still your reigning, befending Ms Olympia champion and the women that can call her self the best bodybuilder in the world, Andrea Shaw.

Helle finished second.

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