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Take a look some of the cars South African rugby and soccer players drive

Rugby and soccer are two of the most watched sports in South Africa and even though the rugby national squad has seen more success then the football national squad both these sports pay players very well, we have seen alot of money in sports in the recent years in South Africa as excellent sports star are always rewarded.

Rugby players make millions of rand each year and they are the most disciplined sports stars in South Africa especially of the field whereas when they are on the field they become beasts, rugby just like soccer in South Africa have been paying the players what the deserve and the best players are living lavish lifestyles.

We have seen many talented soccer stars in South Africa but today's players surely make more money then players who played in the early 2000s, soccer stars make hundreds of thousands of rands each month and they can afford some of the most expensiv cars which some of us can only dream of.

Today we take a look at some of the cars South African rugby and soccer players drive, there is huge money being made in South African rugby and soccer and today we take a look at some of the cars these stars buy with their big wages as they live among the wealthy

Here are some of the cars rugby and soccer stars drive when they are not at work busy winning silverware, do drop a comment on which sports stars you think own the best cars and be sure to click on the like button and to share this content with your peers, if you have not yet subscribed to this channel then be sure to click on the follow link so that you don't miss out on what's going on around you.

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