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"What Mamkhize did was embarrassing "Check out what she did

Mamkhize decided to reward her Royal AM players live on TV with hard cash after they won another game.

Although a lot felt like she was being generous enough a number of people felt like she was being unprofessional and embarrassing the players.


"Employer and employee confidentiality has been breached. Players were exposed to many things which inter alia include : Dignity you can't be remunerated in public glare whether it's for gratitude and gratuity. You are exposed to opportunistic people. Yes Mamkhize is dramatic."

"Guys it's not about jealousy, this is humiliating for the players listen to them, not even us. Trying to compare this to the regular MoM awards is also senseless. You are welcome to admire MaMkhize & her riches but don't act like you'd like to get your pay like this yourselves! "

"The issue is not about paying extra, the issue is about doing it in front of cameras, making professional player queue up like school kids waiting for the feeding scheme ladies... If she wanted to give them cash why didn't they do it in the change room??"

"When you work with people, respect them, irrespective of how deep your pockets may be. They are human beings that need to be respected ."

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