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Djokovic flies out of Australia. If it was in SA our own citizens would be fighting with government.

The government of Australia chose the safety and the protection of its citizens over a tennis icon. They say everyone is equal before the law and Australia has just practice that in front of the entire world.

South Africa in contrast would be seeing protests and court challenge trying keep him in the country. Patriotism is not very big in our country which makes it easier for foreigners to thrive in our country more than the citizens.

Novak Djokovic is one the celebrities that came out against the vaccines. He entered Australia unvaccinated and also positive with Covid-19. He continued to intact with people knowing his status.

Australia sent him packing regardless of the fact that he is a tennis icon. That is what a government does especially when faced with a deadly pandemic.

South Africa almost arrested a dangerous fugitive Omar Al-Bashir regardless of the threat that the arrest posed to the country. Our citizens took the government to court trying to force the arrest.

We need a government that can protect us and citizens that are patriotic.


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