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CR7 being Dropped From The Man United line up Showed Something Strange about Jadon Sancho

CR7 being Dropped From The Man United line up Showed Something Strange about Jadon Sancho

Date: 2021/11/29

Cristiano Ronaldo was dropped from the man united team this weekend and it turned out to be an explosive one with Jadon Sancho proving that he is worth more than Ronaldo and he should be respected as such.


The strange part is that Ronaldo is more valuable than Jadon, but when we watch games he sprints faster and better when it is time for a counter-attack like we saw when Chelsea slept on the Job last night, more especially Georginho who was supposed to be alert and awake, but that was not the case.

Ronaldo is dead weight, he is taking the whole team to the grave with him on top of 400k pounds per week he is getting he is still killing the club, the young boys are hungrier and it is time for CR7 to hang his boots and let all the other young ones have their time like they gave him a chance when he was 18 like Jao Felix who needs a chance like Figo gave Ronaldo one in the 2006 world cup in Germany. Ronaldo is going to be on the bench for the next few games till he is fit enough to run with the other boys who are very hungry.

Jadon will succeed CR7 nicely, but they need to at least give him half of what Ronaldo is getting, but the worst is that getting good deals does not necessarily, but the truth is that the man has been playing football for some time now but he is having trouble leading the guys to success a soccer player, maybe he will do it in the future just as long he does not give up he will shine as that is a given.


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