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Here is why young PSL Chairman's are trending: Motsepe VS Mpisane

The South African Covid-19 Pandemic has been given 2 youngest Chaieprsons in the history of South African football as we are witnessing them in the meantime . They were all appointed and because famous during the Covid-19 pandemic here in South Africa in the meantime. And in the moment they remain the favourite to many.

Although those who are jealous brings unnecessary Arguments to this issue as they always indicates all the times that the 2 of them they didn’t get what they have through their hard work , but they got them through the dedication of their parents as there is no one of them who worked for whatever they have from the ground or Scratch as things they stand in the meantime in the republic , that’s how everything is moving in the meantime and to many of the South Africans .

I personally think it doesn’t necessary matter how you reached certain positions in our lives, but what matters the most is the fact of you ending up being in those positions and managing to survive them from time to time and other things arenot rhat much important as people anticipate

The major reason they trended it was due to the picture which they took in today’s match which went viral in the South African media and So many of the South Africans pointing that it is the Youngszt Chairmand of the South African football.

in Social media , so many people after also seeing the picture of the Motsepe Chairperson holding a trophy. Many of the South Africans were indicating that Andile Mpisane must learn from his as he only take pictures on the ground after winnning trophies .

Royal AM had been doing so well and better than some of the South African Clubs in the meantime, but they haven’t been winning trophies , I think that’s what people are saying at this point and time

I think South Africans should continue to encourage them at these times they are currently going throrugh . They must be shown support by all means necessary and always avoid any form of discouragement all the times . They are the future of the South African football and they must be treated as such even in the meantime

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