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Internet is Buzzing: South Africans are extremely happy that GHANA is out on AFCON

It is not a secret anymore that South Africans are still angry with Ghana. The last game of African Cup of Nation qualify, Bafana Bafana which is the national team of the republic of South Africa was playing with Ghana.

This was game to determine which team is going on African Cup of the Nation. Unfortunately the refree from Central Africa granted Ghana a penalty which was not and Ghana managed to won that game.

According to many South Africans, Ghana had a hand, they bribed refree but CAF ruled out that case in favour of Ghana.

Last night Ghana was playing against Comoros and it was seen on Twitter that South Africans are rallying behind Comoros to defeat Ghana as pay back time to South Africans.

South Africans wish was answered, Ghama got defeated 3 into 2 goals by Comoros and South Africans are extremely happy, not hiding their happiness on social media. They feel like God has fought a good fight for them. Clearly, they are still angry with what had happened on the Game between Bafana-Bafana and Ghana.

Now Ghana is out on AFCON.

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