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'This Is What Enoch Mgijima Residents Expected Vs What They Received From ANC

What Enoch Mgijima (Eastern Cape) local residents expected vs what they received, this ladies and gentleman is a R15 million stadium completed by your ANC. We can tell that the individuals who are seen in the picture were involved in the construction project, and by their smiles you can tell that they are proud of themselves.

This so-called stadium has brought pain and sadness to most if the citizens of this country who want to believe in a bright future if this country, the stadium was barely even R1 million because you cab see that they didn’t do anything great to change the stadium.

It is concerning because this affects the lives and the futures if the children in the area, now they won’t be able to home those skills that could have given them an advantage she they grow up to perhaps represent the country at the Olympics. We saw earlier this year that South Africa has a diversity problem when it comes to sports and because of things like these we cannot have black sportspeople representing us in other countries.

It is really upsetting because not only did these people rob the municipality of an asset that would have benefitted the members if the community through jobs and other benefits, but the money is now in the pockets of ANC members being split evenly for the fear that the Hawks will one day knock on their doors and we hope that this will be soon and they will be dealt with.

Corruption is the reason the country has such a huge inequality ratio, high unemployment and other problems. It is because there is not accountability whatsoever which makes room for mediocrity, corruption and fraud.

Ordinary people Dee these problems everyday and they ask that something be done by the relevant authorities, but we will never see action being taken and the authorities will never face their days behind bars.

Content created and supplied by: Black_Kermit (via Opera News )

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