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SECRET: Reason why players raise their hands before taking corner kick

Why do players raise their hands before taking a corner kick?

The game of football is full of tactics, and various teams frequently use body signals to show their teammates what they are up to while they have the ball.

Footballers raising their hands while taking free kicks or corner kicks is nothing new in the sport. The gesture has been extensively documented as being used to alert teammates. A single hand in the air could indicate a slow kick that does not reach beyond the first pole of the goalpost, but two hands indicate a long shot that goes as far as the second pole. It could also be a team strategy to employ body gestures as a way of communication between players. Raising your hands might sometimes draw your colleagues' attention to you, making it easier to connect.

Players also raise their hands to signal to the referee that the game should be stopped and a free-kick or penalty-kick awarded. When they are fouled, they raise their hands to seek the referee's attention.

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