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Doctor Khumalo Calls Soccer Legends to Order Regarding "Bafana" Star

-If they can 't see the talent they are blind

Mthobi Mvala has had a love and hate relationship with many soccer legends. Whether is club or international level. In club level some have question the coaches on why he was included ahead of Jali at the start of the season.

The likes of Junior Kanye has questions why is he selected in the national team ahead of Jali.

Doctor has called those who criticise Mvala to order.

Some legends need to come to terms that any player that is selected for the national team must be supported regardless of whether he is your favorite player or not.

Doctor Khumalo does not understand why do certain legends criticise the inclusion of Mvala on the squad if he is delivering.

He believes those who are against Mvala's inclusion are blind if they can't see his talent.

Mvala is a key member in the squad for coach Hugo Broos. He is a modern defensive midfielder. He covers a lot of space. He is very aggressive,he does a lot of damage to opposition movements. He gives those who wants to attack freedom to express themselves without having to worry too much he said.

The likes of Mokoena and Ethan brooks helped the team going forward to get 3 goals against Ethopia on the first leg.

Mvala was quite missed in the second leg. Broos gave those who don't play regularly a chance but the was no chemistry. Mvala did not feature in the second leg.

Khumalo does not understand why certain legend don't approve of the coach's decision to include him in the squad.

He is adamant that without Mvala there is no balance in the midfielder.

We need to be careful as legends with our words. I understand that he is not your "wow" player. However people must learn see beyond what is popular and wrong analysis.

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