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After opening this article, you will never stop laughing.

Laughter is a happy pill, it brings out the best in us and it also goes to show that we are happy because happiness brings joy and joy brings... Well, I do not know but joy brings Joyous Celebration. The following memes will make you laugh yourself out of your bed in the early hours of the morning. If you walk a mile a day you can travel from South Africa to Egypt in 365 days but we know that you will not even try to do such, so why should we tell you anywhere.

This one thinks that he is fooling us, while he is fooling his uppercase Q letter body. Mama Jack was way slenderness when compared to Mr. Big Show.

You can survive 21years even though you like you are 21 years old yourself. President Ramaphosa's fellow South Africans could not wait for 21 days without beer, they would rather buy a beer costing the price of a house than stay sober. During log down in Mzansi Fo Sho... How much is beer? How much is your house? My house is worth around R408,000 000. Ok, can I have the keys to your house?

After sleeping in and doing the mother for the rest of the night, the son is so upset that he does not want you to come to visit again. Guess that you did the job brother... #Brother_power.

After being told that you are not coming back ever again, you could feel the sneeze in your nose unfortunately you end up not sneezing because of the way they are looking at you, well done lad, you did the business.

Yet you are the one who ejaculates wonderful, cute, and good-looking babies. You know guys deserve some credit for the looks that the babies possess but only when the babies do not look like Robert Mugabe, the first ugliest looking President ever.

Looking at this it looks set to be the truth because women tend to want to control everything but they act as if they do not want to control things. They are a bunch of headless chickens thinking that they can lead a herd of Lions, do Lions travel in the herd? Ah, we do not know.

The responses made to the above memes are just opinions, they are not real facts. Just like the memes themselves, the responses are there to make you giggle a bit and enjoy the rest of your day. Try not to be sensitive when reading such memes and responses.

Content created and supplied by: SeakganeKarabo4 (via Opera News )

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