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Footballers who own luxurious and expensive private jets

Renowned footballers spend a good part of their careers traveling, whether it is to participate in training, match or to be with their loved ones. Few can afford to buy their own private jet but all have good reason to use it for travel.

Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar… Discover the most luxurious private jets of football stars and the crazy sums spent on this unique means of transport.

6. Gareth Bale Price: $8M

Bale is recognized as a skilled footballer by his teammates because to his long-range shots, free kicks, and quickness on the field.

The Welshman is one of the world's 10 highest-paid players, earning €17.5 million annually. His own luxury plane is a Cessna Citation XLS+.

There are 12 seats and a range of 3,890 kilometers. With a peak speed of 815 km/h, the footballer can span Europe in seconds.5.

Paul Pogba's Private Jet: $20,000

Paul Pogba is a beloved player in France. The Premier League midfielder for Manchester United is a megastar known for his on-field abilities.

Paul Pogba is one of Manchester United's top paid footballers, earning enough to charter a Gulfstream G280. The Frenchman uses his own private aircraft to fly to America often or for Adidas events.

An efficient personal luxury jet, the Gulfstream G280. 6700 km range, 850 km/h max. Pogba's personal private plane connects him to New York frequently. This elegant business jet seats 10 and has a lavatory.

4. Neymar's Private Jet: $22M

Neymar is the priciest footballer. As a striker with Paris Saint-Germain and captain of the Brazilian public group, Neymar earns almost €3 million each month.

Hence, Neymar's Cessna Citation Sovereign claim (680). This magnificent personal luxury jet seats 12 people and cruises at 890 km/h. The Brazilian world champion's private luxury jet can fly up to 5,275 km.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovi's Private Jet: $26M

The AC Milan striker has always had a broad outlook. Zlatan Ibrahimovi is perhaps the world's most renowned footballer. His Italian club pays him at least €7 million to maintain him.

This Swedish footballer owns a Cessna Citation Longitude. This ultra-modern, personal luxury jet seats 12 guests in great comfort. Zlatan can stand, eat, and sleep. The Citation Longitude has a 6,482 km range.

2. Lionel Messi's $45 million private jet

Lionel Messi, a seven-time Ballon d'Or winner, is a football legend. Throughout his career, he was able to claim two personal luxury planes from his club profits. Messi currently travels in a Gulfstream V, replacing an Embraer Legacy 650.

This magnificent personal luxury jet can carry 16 persons up to 11,000 km.

So the world-famous footballer may dine or clean there? The tail of the plane has his number 10 and the names of his family and children appear on the stairs.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo's Private Jet

Cost : $65 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is recognized as the finest athlete ever. Only Messi has won the Ballon d'Or many times. Ronaldo has almost 750 goals for the Champions League, Portugal, and Real Madrid.

CR7 owns the priciest private jet. The Gulfstream G650 can carry up to 18 passengers and has a 12,960 km range. Large, luxurious and personal luxury airliner connecting all international cities. Ronaldo's own luxury jet bore his name, player number, and, oddly, a figure.


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