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Good Reasons Why Pitso Won't Leave Ahl Ahly

There are many of the good reasons why the former coach of mamelodi sundowns could not leave ahl ahly. One of the main reasons could be that pitso has achieved so much goodness. Pitso has managed to win 2 titles ever since he arrived in ahly. Also that has improved his record of bieng a coach.

Another main possible reason for pitso to have less chances of leaving ahl ahly. It could be that pitso has a great record from his past team. Amd he has already created another one to his new team ahl ahly. By wining the 2 titles he has proved enough that he is agood coach.

Here is a picture of pitso after the match of his great achievement at ahl ahly below.

Pitso mosimane has achieved so much of the good things at ahl ahly. In that case he has proven that he is there to stay and there is still more to achieve. Pitso mosimane is very talented in coaching that is why he also lifted sundowns high.

In that case all of those things gives much reasons for coach pitso mosimane to no exit the team so soon. It would be a very big mistake to ahl ahly if they let go of pitso this early. That is because there is still more of the good things to achive with this coach.

Another reason for pitso to not leave ahl ahly has to be because. He has made sure that the players are always fit enough to play. And he has made some good signings so far in the team. All the players are in good place .

Honestly there are many reasons to give why pitso doesn't have to leave ahl ahly. Though all in all it is in the hands if the teams management to either let him go or not.

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